Dickens Fair drawing   Dickens Fair drawing     Dickens fair drawingsDickens fair drawings

Dickens Fair drawing     Dickens fair sketches

Dickens fair sketches            Dickens Fair sketchbook

Dickens Fair sketch   

Dickens Fair drawings   Dickens Fair sketches

Dickens Fair sketches       Dickens Fair model

Dickens Fair model       Dickens fair drawing

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Dickens Fair sketches   Dickens fair sketches

Dickens Fair sketchbookDickens fair drawingsDickens fair drawings

       Dickens fair drawingsDickens fair drawings       Dickens Fair sketches

Dickens Fair model drawing       Dickens fair sketchbook

Dicken fair drawings      Dickens fair model drawings

Dickens faor sketchbook        Dickens fair drawings

Dickens fair sketchbook



Dickens fair drawings

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NEW! Dickens Fair 2015 sketches, on Flickr

otherwise, below are sketches from the Dickens Fair, 2014

I was in direct competition with that confounded new 19th century contraption called the camera, so I drew furiously to keep up!
Using my favorite Handbook brand of sketchbook, with Noodlers ink, (mostly the color ‘Cayenne’), I set out to capture the fleeting views of old London as it existed in San Francisco's Cow Palace.
I enjoyed the challenge of capturing the corsetry models posing in the Dark Gardens windows (amongst and often behind the crowded motion of the public taking pictures), the various musicians playing throughout, and the fancifully adorned public as they mingled at the dockside pubs.